Wednesday, 15 August 2007

today is tuesday, here are my musings

today has been interesting, work is pretty quiet, im awaiting other peopel to do their jobs, so nothing much to do. I've had the change to catch up on a number of things that we're laggin behind, did a skethc for someone, posted a letter, wrote a letter come to think of it, justsmall things here and there, had a change to look a few things up online which is good. ive discovered dweezi lzappa, son of frank zappa. im goign to a concert of his next monht, zappa plays zappa, should be good!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

yesterday for free...........

yesterday i recieved the following for free:

1) breakfast
2) a chocolate crispy
3) a wierd ashtray thing
4) a poster
5) a badge
6)two tickets to a finance lecture
7) 2 stickers
8) a mountboard frame
9) a shot of jagermesiter
10) two free papers

this morning i recieved

1) basic breakfast
2) a croissant...............

and its only 10.37

im now judging how well my day goes by the amount of free things i pick up

Monday, 30 July 2007

artist statement

a pair of converse and a neckerchief do not make you an artist!

an elevator can never break, it can only become stairs

ive just bought a caramel hot chocolate from starbuck for 2.79 for no reason whatsoever, except that i had nothing else to do, its sickly sweet and i could only drink abot a quarter of it............. what a waste of money! my will power seems to be rather eratic when i had a slad for lunch and bran flakes for breakfast....and then snack on chocolate all day.........i dont even like chocolate!


Sunday, 8 July 2007

Live Earth

so... as a suprise for my girlfriend i bought two tickets to live earth....

...................its was awesome!... the music rocked, foo fighters and metallica particularly, and i for one, made a few changes afterwards, went shopping with my own bag rather than buy a plastic one, and i turned off my tv wheni wasnt using it. I think its a better idea to appeal to your everyday person than politicans, asking a polititian to insitgate change seems like an impossible task, which is odd, because it should really be the other way around.

anyway short posting tonight.... suffice to say im sufficently rocked out, will be downloading hard rock all week!

rock on!


Thursday, 5 July 2007

an observation of my daily activities

while sitting at work i noticed how surrounded i am by technology, picture this if you will, while listening to my mates ipod, i am charging my own, my phone is plugged in ...also charging, im working on two computers sharing one screen, each computer is designed to work favourably for certain programs, my diary is a blog, i communicate by virtual mail, contact with other people can be limited to text and instant messaging i am dependant in technology!

but it doesnt bother me, in fact more often than not i embrace it.... it worries me how dependant i am on it, but it doesnt stop me from using it, instead im finding new things to use, experimenting with new fads, trying new things onlines...ive yet to try second life, as far as i can tell its like myspace but with avatars.... like a bad multiplayer online game....well nevermind its worth looking into, like anything else, i cant form an opinion on it by hearsay i should try it myself really, everything should be tried once surely? everything feasable at least. that proufound.....i suppose thats not the word im looking for, i must mean its contemplative writting......i dont know if it means anything, but i makes me think, and that is probably what this blog is in aid of.


Tuesday, 3 July 2007

it reminds me of something i tasted a long time ago that i cant remember

...anyother day over, and i am nackered! i was kind of made to feel like i'd cocked up today at work (and to a certain extent thats true) but the longer this incident went on, the more ridiculous it got, till i was getting very annoyed at this guy next to me for being so damn pedantic! pedantic people annoy me.

so yes here we are....lots of things have happened today, met a very camp japanese guy who kept confirming i was with 2 other people, had a new type of dish there too (japanese restaurant, i should have started with that really) and helped a friend of a friend buy a computer....which leads me to another point.................why on earth cant people learn to do that themselves? i have never bought a mag specifiying what computer to buy, i don't know any reason why toshiba wouldbe better than fujitsu, and yet mates are constantly asking me to help them buy a computer jsut because i own one, ...its damn annoying and ive just realised im being pedantic now..... but i recon that happens at the end of the day anyway ....when you think about the things that annoyed you on that day....better to think about thing things that intreaged you or pleased you i recon.

anyway i still havent seen fantastic our 2, and now die hard 4 is out this week....i have a wierd obsession with crappy film, last week i bought a copy of D.O.A, a movie which pulls no punches in that its main focus is holly valances ASS! not really a plot driven film...still it had its good points, anyway i digress, because by all accounts die hard 4 isnt half bad, and i for one would like to see it. judging by recent sequels, spiderman 3 and pirates of the carabean 3, im going to be dissapointed!

ok im waffling now, time to call it to an end, until i can think of something structured to say....


p.s monkey in portugese is MUKAKU ...although i doubt thats how you spell it!

Monday, 2 July 2007

the wierd stuff on you tube.

..................dice are amazing.....

how does this stuff find its way onto you tube?, how many people have digital camcorders? its crazy....i seem to be missing out on recording stuff....i must find people with talents and record them doing stuff to put on youtube.....people i want suggestions......send them to me and we shall make you tube history!

blogging is hard

so i never realised how hard it is to make time for this!

damn its hard, what with facebook and myspace and everything else, writing random things here is very dificuly, not to mention i have a readership of 1, so its not really something im encouraged to do......really i should send this link to other people so i get spurred on to write something

ok people if your reading this, post a reply to this and demand more! i will write it, it will be random and most likely me complaining about stuff.....and daily thoughts on monkeys!!! it will happen...i can see it now!

love and kisses


Monday, 21 May 2007

statement time

every had to write a statement about yourself? its a pain in the arse! i had to do it today.

My girlfriend has been working on her statement (shes a practicing artist) for a year on and off, and i always noticed how fed up she got writing it, now in my mind, i just put this down to 'pfff, shes making a big deal out of it, how hard can it be?' but i had a go at it today (haven't done this sort of this thing since school) and its really really hard! whats more it really makes you question who you are or what you do.

i go soooo fed up with it, and quickly began to question what it was that i did (to cut your confusion down to a minimum, we're putting on an exhibition of art together, I'm not really a fine artist, but i do like to produce work from time to time, so I'm in the show as well), i have to admit sitting there and trying to sum up why i made certain things the way i did, or why i liked certain things, or how i went about it, really gets to you, and in the end it just sounded like i was trying ti impress you or be very very poncy!

truth is all i wanted to put was:

'I'm not really a fine artist, i like to create stuff, i like big colours, here's something i made'

i mean honestly who wants to read a big rant about stuff I'm probably forcing myself to thing so that it sounds rather buy you a drink and talk about it over a pint, but that's the trouble with the art world, so much of it is impersonal, and you cant just go 'this is mine, i like creating things'.

damn it, i should do that! from now on all my statements will reflect what i really think!

hazzah! we have reached a conclusion, this blog thing has a use after all!

well I'll wish you all a goodnight, and to my girlfriend if your reading this, i have a much better understanding of how hard it is to write about yourself and your practice now, in future i shall be more supportive!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

everythings gone wrong!

OK, so my finely tuned plan to start a blog and rant to my hearts content has gone a little wrong. mainly this is due to virgin media and the terrible broadband service they supply. want to know their excuse? 'oh we're not working on London right now' .....reason? none!

anyway, enough of of me, that's why your here isn't it?

OK .... firstly my little incident i reported last week, settled itself , because i got the chance to show off a little last week, and redeemed myself somewhat in the eyes of my boss (sort of). well at least i hope so, its been a busy week, and Ive been socialising like a maniac, drinking every night of the week, and I'm beginning to suspect its effecting my teeth as they feel...........funny..... can drinking make your teeth feel funny? i dunno, it was a hard one to explain when i visited the dentists yesterday.

- hows everything going?

- er OK, the thing is i have a dull pain in my lower back teeth

- really? when you eat or drink?

- yep, when i drink definitely

- OK, hot or cold liquids?

- cold.....cold refreshing, liquids normally with bubbles and froth...mmmmmmmmmmmm

- .............?

- say is there a pub near here by any chance?

so drinking is now the main order of the day...its just happened i think its working a regular (or not so regular 9-7) day...i need a drink to settle me down at the end of the day

anyway that's all for, my connection is still bust and Ive hijacked someone Else's Unsecure wireless signal.....don't want to stay here for long! more to come soon!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

first day blog

Hello, i feel its important to post something here as I've just opened my blog, i came here to share my thoughts with everyone, and so...........i shall! but tonight will be brief as I've set this up kinda late in the evening.

Let me start with something simple.... work! today i go tin trouble for something that completely wasn't my fault! i say trouble, i didn't get told off, or have to chat to anyone, no i got the kinda trouble that brews in the backs of peoples minds and comes up when you have to get reviewed in three months time. in short I'm getting dodgy looks and and a bad rep is building!

it all stems from the fact i work on computers and i work as part of a team, i wont say on what (officially i cant, confidentiality agreements and all) but i had to submit someones Else's work to the next state, because the last thing that needs to be done to it is my job, however the submission has my name on it as I'm the last person to see the file, now you can probably see what happened next... it goes off, is wrong (for the second time in 2 days) and low and behold who do they come to? moi! i wouldn't mind so much in a job i was comfortable in, but I've just started at this place and i can hardly pass the buck at this i kinda took the looks and comments of 'This is stupid!' (yes they actually said that) and slunk off after work......... ruined my evening thoroughly! here i am, inspired to share this with the world!

lucky you!

..........monkeys to follow soon!