Wednesday, 15 August 2007

today is tuesday, here are my musings

today has been interesting, work is pretty quiet, im awaiting other peopel to do their jobs, so nothing much to do. I've had the change to catch up on a number of things that we're laggin behind, did a skethc for someone, posted a letter, wrote a letter come to think of it, justsmall things here and there, had a change to look a few things up online which is good. ive discovered dweezi lzappa, son of frank zappa. im goign to a concert of his next monht, zappa plays zappa, should be good!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

yesterday for free...........

yesterday i recieved the following for free:

1) breakfast
2) a chocolate crispy
3) a wierd ashtray thing
4) a poster
5) a badge
6)two tickets to a finance lecture
7) 2 stickers
8) a mountboard frame
9) a shot of jagermesiter
10) two free papers

this morning i recieved

1) basic breakfast
2) a croissant...............

and its only 10.37

im now judging how well my day goes by the amount of free things i pick up