Friday, 29 February 2008

chinese star wars transaltion

this made me cry its so funny.

its a direct English translation of the Chinese interpretation of what the script was saying from 'revenge of the sith' some of them are histerical.

electro power

just seen this on

This field has 1,301 florescent bulbs planted in it, and they're all glowing. They aren't plugged into anything, however; they're powered solely from the magnetic fields produced by the power lines above think that this is power from jsut the magnetic fields from the power lines above...just think about how close we get to those things..... cant be good for you.

Thursday, 28 February 2008


20 reasons why we love rambo

heres a link to empire magazines list of 20 reasons why we love rambo...

very cool

wait...whos that naked man?

the metro's just posted this on their website, it was too wierd for me not to mention....

so....sienna miller, our walking her lovely....but wait...who's that wierd naked man, lurking in the bushes in the background?

yep...naked man, lurking in the bushes.

the difference a tie makes

so im attending this 'do' after work, and my girlfriend informed me i needed to look smarter than i normally do (normally i am quite scruffy), however without time to go home and change this means im going to have to go to work a little smart at least.

so im wearing a shirt and tie....

every person im bumping into has the same reaction

'woooooooooooooooooooo... nice tie'

they tend to vary a little after that, sometimes i get a compliment, sometimes i get the piss taken out of me.... this morning i was likened to some 80's band.... anyway just kind of a curious thing to happnen, all all because of a tie...its not even a colourful tie, its just a black one... i mean geeeeeeeeze

although i do quite like it, perhaps i should wear ties more

also.... anyone think i should have posted an image of me with the tie? anyone curious to see how i look? ........................does anyone even read this?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

possibly the cutest thing in the world...ever

justice league a go go

well it appears the justice league movie has finally been given the green lights. after shelving the project back in january, warner brothers has apparently had a change of heart and is now pushing it into production.

its a bit of an oddity this film, i can understand making another superhero movie, they make money, so why not, but with the characters in this movie, you would think its a winner. chritian bales batman, brandom roths superman?, surely this is a winner for seeing those two team up alone? ....well no, the entire cast is pretty much unknown, minus Adam Brody (seth from the OC) playing the flash. now dont get me wrong i think adam brody is a great actor, but hes no superhero... hes just not big enough... also from what im reading this is essentally the 'one tree hill/OC superhero movie. all the cast are actors who play teen/young adult roles. its not going to be the justice league of america so much as the teen justice league of extreme....dude!

anyway, im not holding my breathe

also found this image online:

doesn't superman look quite getto? and i get the impression batman is about to bust a move or something... poppin and locking FOOL! word!

Dont even get me started on wonder woman, she looks like a man.

lets be more proud of boobs

i almost posted this yesterday but held back... but now i've decided its worth posting...

anyone heard of holly willoughby? well in the fine tradition of ex childrens tv presenters bearing all (gail porter anyone?)... shes is in indeed an ex childrens tv presenter who seems to like showing off her lovely lady lumps..she currently presents a show called 'dancing on ice' and is gradually wearing more and more revealing dresses each week.... and i say more power to her!

actually my point here is that she has a very curvey figure, shes not overly slim, but she has it where it counts and shes getting alot of attension for showing it off, and im pleased, she looks good!

...mmm boobs


i did an image search on this girl and have discovered she's appeared in a number of lad's mags... why was i not informed?

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

lonely paris

poor poor, lonely paris hilton, has to resort to signing up to a brand new reality tv show to find a friend.

i read this today

"The show is going to be about her searching for a new best friend," says a source close to the project. "Paris is tired of the haters and she's looking for someone new. She's looking for someone new and cool who she can trust."

seriously? she has to have a tv show to do this?.............on second thought i dont know anyone who likes her, maybe that what it takes...i mean who aspires to be paris hilton? (see image)

what also made me laugh was the statement 'paris is tired of the haters' lol, are we really using that word now? is it part of the english language.... like i can just walk into work and announce ' i tired of the haters' and expect not to get ridiculed.... seriously?

"dude i am so tired of the haters and the players...."

monkey suicide!

how many ways are there to kill a monkey?

so far 295.

check this blog out, its geniuous!

quick! obscured buisness proposal!

i recieved this email this morning and it made me laugh

I am Mr. Wang HongZhang, Chief Disciplinary Officer, People's Bank of China (PBC).I have an obscured business proposal of US$24.5million for you.
Please reach me promptly if interested.
Kind Regards,
Wang HongZhang

there are several things to note here

1) he is chief 'disciplinary' officer? what on earth does a bank need a disciplinary officier for? what is a disciplinary officer?

2) an obscured buisness proposal??? obscured? ...mmmm sounds trustworthy.

3) i like the fact he's using his yahoo email address. lol

god save us..from p diddy puffy pop doddy

sean combs, also known as puffy mcpiddy diddy anounced at the academy awards that he will be dropping his music career to focus on the one thing he doesnt have... an oscar.

now i for one, dont think that his man has accomplished that much in the music industry, so saying its the one thing that has escaped him is a bit of an overstatement. also, why oh why do musicians feel they can cross over to becoming actors? im kinda fed up of it. this guy has released some mediocre records, and attached himself to some big names. hes not particualry talented, i cant think of any of his songs off the top of my head, i mean why should he make a good actor?

also doesnt he have enough money already? surely every time he changes his name he gets something new to market. hes just a money digger, looking to cash in on something new.

lets look at some of his contemporaries.

eminem: stared in 8mile. not exactly an acting stretch as it was ...well about him. its semi-autobiographical, and he plays .....shock..........a rapper. i dont think it was ever going to be too hard to him to get into that mindset.

50 cent: started in get rich or die trying (also i might point out this gusy name is curtis...why on earth anyone would want to call themselves by a monitary value is beyond me. i mean if i turned up and told you, i was now called 20 pence you would laugh!). anyway. he stated in get rich or die trying and played......shock (again) a rapper! and a thuggish one at that, again not a stretch of the imagination there.

ludicrous: plays essentially 'a player' in 2 fast 2 furious

jar rule: playsa racer fro2 minutes in the fast and the furious

i mean these are not particulary good examples of acting. sure 8 mile money, and ultimately i think thats what this is about. but to state that your getting into acting and expect to get an oscar is just...well..... ludicrous! (why did that word come to mind?)

Monday, 25 February 2008

poor poor britney

so i read this today:

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Britney has "lost" $60 million in 12 months of extravagant spending. Last year, Britney was listed by Forbes magazine as having an estimated wealth of more than $100 million. However, in recent court papers, her estimated fortune has now dramatically shrunk to $40 million - raising questions about the shortfall in her earnings.

what? she down to 40 million? oh no!!! shock horror! we must do something.

i mean seriously is this news? screw that, do we even care? i mean its not really going to affect her lifestyle. having 40 mil instead of 100 mil isnt going to force you to shop elsewhere. i mean come on. this is so stupid.

the girl is simply trash and anything that happens to her is a result of bad upbringing and stupid decisions. rather than throwing that money away on private jets, pint sized poodles and possibly the largest collection of second hand clothes known to man, she could have really helped some people or made her kids lives a hell of a lot better. shes just not got her priorities in order and has a real case of 'me me me' syndrome.

golden compass wins best vfx!

just a quick note to say well done to the golden compass crew which won best vfx at the oscars...

well done!

Friday, 22 February 2008

new street fighter movie

so i read a while ago that they (being...the universal they...they who are not are going to make a new street fighter movie, something not so cartoonish as the last one (i dont mean the anime one, i mean the one with jean claude).

now im all for this, i mean people continually complain about how the movie companies remake perfectly good films. king kong, halloween etc etc. well this was a bad bad, horrible movie when it came out. its possibly the worst movie version of a game. so remaking it is fact a good idea. i mean surely you can only go up? and i like the concept a fighting conpetion to determine the worlds greatest fighter, friendship, betrayal, revenge, tradition and honour are all central themes to this movie, and done right it might not be half bad...

anyway more news coming in today is that they have cast several characters

kristin kruek (lana lang off smallviell) will play chung li: thats really not too bad a casting, i mean she have to learn ahell of a lot of martial arts, but shes a decent enough actress. although i question whether she looks quite right for the part as chung li is ment ot be chinese

chris klein (american pie) will play Nash: nash is one of those characterintroduced much later in the game, and im not very familiar with him, but again chris kilien is decent enough. so lets see.

rick yune (the guy with the diamonds in his face from die another day) will play gen: not this is an interesting casting, i think this guy is a good actor. what interesting is that gen is a much older guy, so im curious to see how they pull this off


micheal duncan clarke (green mile, armageddon) will play balrog: INSPIRED! this is a great casting he has just hte right build and character for this role. very well done. big brutish, and you can sence that power just looking at him. great casting.

soooo i must admit i an intreaged about this movie.... i want to see who they cast as guile and ryu. of course if you ever want to see the perfect guile, watch kurt russell in soldier. he looks so much like him, acts quite like him too.

friday bordom

well its friday, and bored, work is slow and im basically counting the hours till i can leave. this is why todays post have been slow and infrequent, i've lost all desire to do anything at all! how lame.


lunch today was korean bbq

thats all im gonna say...i dont think anyone is interested in what i had for lunch and posting it has plost its origional purpose of keeping track of my diet....who cares?

so from now on , no more lunch posts!....unless its somewhere exciting.


Thursday, 21 February 2008

even peta understand how to flog stuff

get naked!

peta are currently running, the sexiest vegetarian contest....serisouly....


thursday gormet lunch

went to gormet hot dog company again. very good, this time i had a chicago dog. a beef hot dog, with pickes and bacon. not bad...not as good as the one i had earlier in the week, but still mighty tasty!

cost: 4.25

quality: mighty tasty


the happiest chair ever!

nubrella, the umbrella of the 21st century

check this out, this is nubrella! the umbrella of the 21st century its hands free!

and as they say on the site

'you've waited long enough, finally someone has changed the design'

FINALLY! GEEEEEEEEEEEEZE i mean how long have we been waiting, i for one, was fed up with the convential umbrella

you can check it out here

queens of the stone age = bizarre

ok so in my quest to listen to new music on my way to work, this morning i listened to 'rated r' by the queens of the stone age. i think this was their first album, and boy was it a mistake this morning!

its not that its a bad albu or even bad music, its just that i cant place what type of music it is, i mean every song is so different from the last one that its hard to get into any kind of rhytem. they seem to have become alot bigger since this album was released, with much rockier songs, so im assuming they decided to head in that one direction, and i would have to agree the heavy rock songs on this album are the best.....but.......

......then there are the other songs. bongos, folk music, trumpets, talking, screaming, and a free form jazz solo on trumpet...i mean its just so wierd, the last song goes on for what seems like ages and is simply a raspy trumpet player sounding like he's attempting to play the trumpet with little sucess....

soooo i think this album may well be removed from my itunes, harsh i know, but i just cant think of an occasion where i would want to listen to this again...certainly not when they have much better songs like 'no one knows'. i wil give the queens of the stone age another change, but im afraid rater r is going in the recyle bin. (what wierd is that i almost bought this album years ago on kerrang's recommendation, thank god i didnt).

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

todays lunch - wednesday 20th feb

okay, whats bugging me about todays lunch is that i haveno idea what the name of the place is!!! its a littel japanese/thai place of wardour st, that always has huge ques, and does a great tom yum soup...and pretty good pad thai too.....oh and cheap sushi!

anyway, fancied a change today so when there, and got myself some tom yum prawn soup, some advocado maki, and a california role., all for 5.50 ..bargain!

where: no idea, somewhere off wardour st

what: soup and sushi

cost: 5.50

quality: great

stupidly ive answere most of this stuff in the first paragraph...oh well.

more tomorrow

new blog? is good? jar?

so ive redesigned the basic blog layout? any better? i thought it needed to look more 'blog like' i can always go back to the old one, just ....seeing how this one checks out. what do we recon?

im not convinced...i do like the new monkey pic at the top though...will have to give it some proper thought.

gambit in wolverine?

so ...somewhere on the world wide web, someone has posted that this guy, Tyler Kitsch is going to play gambit in the upcoming wolverine film. im a big fan of the xmen movies, but they make some really polar casting choices.

hugh jackman as wolverine - great
anna paquin as rogue - aweful
kelsey grammer as beast - great
halle berry as storm - aweful, although granted you dont get a lot of black leading ladies in hollywood
patrick stewart as professor x - great
the guy that place collosus - pretty lame
iceman and pyro - lame

now, this guy, granted i havent seen his work, is not inspiring me. of course im baseing this almost entirely on his photo, and that i heard josh holloway, who plays sawyer in lost was also up for the role, and that is inspired casting!!! he would be perfect.

anyway, lets see how he turns out, but im not holding my breathe.

very cool artwork

3D total, have just posted an interview with 2d artist martin abel. a very cool guy, who draws in a similar style to jason scott cambell, one of my favourite comics artists (gen 13, danger girl). its very much pin up girl style, but i dig it! check out the interview here

the rock to work!

so all this week, ive decied im going to listen to a new rock album (i.e one ive never listened to before) on the way to work. my walk to work takes me about 45 mins, so its a good amount of time to fit an album in (in fact so far its near perfect with the last song ending just as i reach work).

so far this week:

monday: ac/dc - for those about to rock (we salute you)
tuesday: ac/dc - dirty deeds done dirty cheap
wednesday: rage againts the machine - the battle of LA

so far, ive liked ac/dc's for those about to rock the best, it really got me going on monday morning, and ive listened to it again since, which is a good sign! rage agaisnt the machine i like, but the singers voice annoys me, its like hes singing by spitting. I mean the guitar playing is cool, and i like the music in genral, but hes voice and some of the lyrics get on my nerves...actually it's not even the lyrics, its just his voice.... this is why i like audio slave, they are like the best parts of sound garden and rage against the machine put together, the sound of rage, but the vocals of chris cornell.

working into work while listening to rage against the machone is like walking into work with attitude.

anyway, i think im going to try queens of the stone age tomorrow, and van halen on friday. this is also good because its forcing me to put new music on my ipod, which is somewhat empty!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

a new lunch spot! finally

so today i elected to try out 'gormet hotdog' a new place that opened late last week. word was it tasty! i thin tis totally overpriced, but it was tasty....also i was still hungry afterwards............but man was it tasty (although i think that was mainly due to the caramelised onions..)


what: frankfurter hotdog, with caramlised onions and parsnip crisps (scattered on top)

cost: 4.25

quality: bad for cost...but oh so tasty....yummy

good lunch choice!

the curious furniture of ned troide

hello, just thought i would post this link as this guys stuff is nuts! and yet i want it!!! check it out!


Monday, 18 February 2008

one man can make a lunch

so today ...until tims direction, we went to the small pizza hut take away place in oxford st plaza...where they offer, 4 6 inch pizzas, 4 fries, and 4 drinks for 12.99....which is good value...makes sence if there is a group of you. but tim.......................managed 4 all to himself!!!

so thats:

what: pizza (i had 2)

cost: 12.99 (for 4 pizza, 4 fries, and 4 drinks)

quality: huts pizza is always the same, big and doughy...filling... no idea how tim got through 4, i was stuffed on 2!

Friday, 15 February 2008

todays lunch...and another munny

today, back to vital ingredients, for another delicious salad, this time the mexican tortilla salad. basically everythingyou would get in a portion of nachos without the greeasy cheese and sour cream. its all good!

cost: 4.95

quality: good, but i had it with a pasta base and now im exceedingly full...

also had time to pop down to 'playlounge' a shop in soho that sells cool design stuff and alot fo japanese vinyl. i go myself another mini munny, this one came with an axe. im defiantley going to paint this one, just havetn decided what yet, although im leaning towards walter from the big lebowski.


happy skeletor day!

today is St Skeletor's Day (apparently) and im all in favour of it! all praise the mightly lord skeletor!

St Skeletor’s Day is a non-commercial alternative to the corporate whorefest that is St Valentine’s Day. Each year, on February 15th, the festival of St. Skeletor occurs worldwide. The purposes are:-

  • a) The destruction of ‘lurrve’
  • 2) The destruction of saucy greetings cards
  • d) The destruction of people with boyfriends/girlfriends

St Valentine of course is the patron saint of making single people feel like crap — each year, the celebration drifts further away from the celebration of love, and further towards the celebration of fluffy handcuffs, expensive flowers, thoughtless greetings cards and other tat shaped into heart shaped packaging, putting pressure on people in relationships to partake of their hard earned cash and actually buy this crap.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

the only currency i deal in ewok!

do you ever wonder if george lucas just made up the ewoks to cash in on his merchadising deal? i mean if you knew the money you were making from the film you made was largely drawn from the profits of the merchandise, wouldnt you insert some very cute, cuddly merchandisable characters into the film???

i assume thats what hes was doing with jar jar binks, but i didnt work, because jar jar binks is the closest you can come to the devil incarnate without acually going to hell.

still it makes you wonder. i mean ....ewoks are basically giant teddy bears. what kid under 6 wouldnt want one after seeing star wars?

...just a thought.

meat lunch!

today in honour of my mate butler leaving work (for only 3 weeks mind....kind of wierd we are celebrating this). we went out to EFES.....a turkish restaurant who basically do platters of meat!
i have the iskander....4 types of meat, yogurt, tomato and something people call salad.


cost: ummmm 11.50 once we split the bill 14 ways, they rape you on the bread cost!

quality: meatylicisious. although i question the health value of a dish that mainly consists of meat variation and yogurt.

valentines card = breakfast!

today is valentines day!

me and my girlfriend arent particulary keen on it .....although this is just what she says.... im never that sure, which is why its always best to get a card....

before today i was told we were doing nothing, i didnt have to take her out to dinner , its just a commercial holiday etc.... well good i thought...but best to play it on the safe side and get a card and a present (which i did, and it was the very cool mini munny i posted earlier on). anyway, low and behold i was right! there was a valentines day suprise....breakfast!

which leads me to believe there is a direct connection between greeting cards and a free cooked breakfast... so im thinking, i should buy a card tomorrow:


...just to see, im possitive it will lead to some kind of breakfast...

how many uses are there for real canadian maple syrup?

i mentioned previously that we celebrated shrove tuesday with a few people and one of my friends (a canadian no less) brough real canadian maple syrup with him........and it was delicious!!!!

very kindly , he left half a tin with us, claiming that it would be gone within 2 weeks, but...i just dont see how, there just arent that many things you can pour maple syrup over...

eggy bread/french toast

...ummmmmmmm thats about it if there are any others please let me know, because i just cant really think of anything, he mentioned he's had it in his coffee (unfortunately im not a coffee drinker).

anyway i mention it, because this morning my girlfriend made me pancakes as a valentines day special breakfast...and i finalyl got to use teh maple syrup, but theres just so much of it left!!! surely this is something that stays at the back of your cupboard for occasiaonal use. i cant see how you would need to buy it regularly?

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

i love japanese vinyl

this is my new favourite thing, i bought one over lunch. very cool, came with a little white hat. im tempted ot draw on it, but i dont know what to draw...its a dilema for sure! im thinking maybe a character from the big lebowski, or maybe a self portrait in 'munny' version.

either way its very cool


wednesdays lunch with an old friend

todays lunch was at the very healthy, vital ingredients, its a salad bar, very cool, very healthy, and i think ive mentioned it before, but if not, i recommend it, its on berrick st in soho.

what: tuscan salad

cost: 4.95

quality: well this was a new salad for me, it certainly tasted healthy, thats not to say bad, it was quite nice, it just wasnt as tasty as some of the old salads this place does (the ones with blue cheese the mexican salad and the new york deli...mmmmmmmmm) still it was good. 7/10.

oh also i should mention i had lunch with MAK, and old friend from a job i worked 3 years ago, nice guy...american, hes just started at my company, so might see more of him, which is cool

for those of you about to rock.....we salute you!

so today after 3 months of owning it, i finally got round to putting music on my ipod touch. this isnt really news, but it took me 3 months to do, and the reason for this is because i didnt want to upload my old itunes set up to my new itouch...because its a damn mess! itunes is such a pain to use, everything has to be sorted by name and album and type etc, if a capital letter is in the wrong place it makes a whole new artist!!! its a pain in the arse, and for this reason i waited till i could get itunes sorted on a different computer before uploading it.

so anyway, this morning i copied like 12 albums over, all in order, all numbered corretly etc... so now i have some music on my itouch....finally!

itunes suck

ahhhhhhrg! scarey!

this scares me...its also makes me laugh...a mighty laugh!!!


check out the link!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

today and yesterdays lunch

monday the 11th feb's lunch:

suprise suprise.............burritos! but it was a celebratory lunch and there was a whole load of us out so we decided to get burritoes to celebrate....and understand


el burrito

cost: 4.50

quality: excellent as always

today: tuesday the 12th feb, we went out for cheap curry! its cheap but it is rather good, although the naan bread isnt much more than a unheated pancake, and the vegetable curry leaves alot to be desired, for 3.50 you cant really complain!

where: little pink indian restaurant

cost: 3.50

quality: not bad, not great. the other cheap indian off wardour st is better, but this one has more in the way of curry, the other one is more lamb shops and chicken tikka legs, its better quality but its not really curry. anyway, not bad, fills the belly thats for sure. must remember to go to the gym tonight!


sooooo, after two days without a computer at work...........i finally got one1 wooohoo, its incredible. actually it really is incredible since i work in an industry where using a computer on a day to day basic is nothing short of essential...ive been twiddling my thumbs for two days straight.... literally (they are very sore)

read a book all afternoon yesterday....wasnt bad....

anyway im not up and running so sorry for any lack of posting that may have occured!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

a suprise gift

so yesterday we meet up with some friends, a couple i know, and a friend of my gf's who...BROUGHT ME A GIFT! which was nice because there was no reason for it. she claimed the reason was, she saw something and knew i would love it. ....which is a great reason to buy someone something i recon... i've done it once or twice you see something , and you think 'iknow who would love that'. so it was lovely to get, and i just wanted to say thanks!

its always interesting opening a present someone has bought thinking its very 'you' because sometime you open it and go ' really dont know me very well at all'. however this was sooooooooooooooooooooo not the case this time. it was a silk tie with a wacking great picture of captain kirk on, how cool is that? i mean cool in a very geeky way, but hey im very geeky! i love it!

so thank you very much LU (thats her name, i'm never sure if i should mention peoples names on this blog, but i dont see why not and i think she would like it). its brill!

Friday, 8 February 2008

some thoughts about burrito

so, a friend of mine pointed out this blog does have a tendency to talk about burritoes....and with that in mind, i thought i would be a shame to disspaoint!

so i present to you, some thoughts about burrito!

the thing i dont get is that most people seem to think its unhealthy... surelyt his cant be the case, its mainly vegetable! Also it containts several servings of what can only de described as a balanced diet, its got all your major food groups.

fruit: tomato
veg: salad
fibre: rice, beans, tortilla
protean: meat
dairy: cheese, sour cream

now i can certainly argue that there are unhealthier types of burrit, if you ocver it in sour cream guacamole and sauces and oil, then yeah, its probably a little unhealthy, but these ingredients dont sounds too bad to me. if you ask me, its a very healthy option for lunch all wrapped up in a neat little package!

which is another thing to address, its portable...sort of, i mean its clearly designed to be picked up in one hand, its food on the go, and if im not mistaken isnt it bascailly a cheap meal in mexico? so we have:

all your basic needs

i mean whats not to like, i swear people are waaaaaaaaay to health conscious!


friday special lunch

todays lunch was at GBK, the gormet burger kitchen, its good quality meat so im unsure of how unhealthy/healthy it is, seems allright htough, still i had it with a salad rather than chips to be on the safe side.

where: GBK

what: jamacian burger (acutally bloody delicious, ginger and mango sauce, very good)

cost: 7.25....bit pricey

quality: excellent, delicious! and a deceent size too, i dont feel like ive eaten too much, which often happens at lunch.

its growing!

jsut a quick note to say, thanks to everyone who has visited 'hirstville!' my mini city, we're now up to a population of 18!!! woooohoooo

everytime you visit it grows, so lets see how big we can get it!

(note: image not actually my mini city...its eboy...who rock by the way!)

free FHM


one copy for free, or 4 copies for a quid


Thursday, 7 February 2008

cool photos

check out these great photos! very cool idea

the most advanced triangle in the world!

this is the rhythem tech RT6000 trigger triangle

clearly the worlds most advanced traigle! its 3 types of triangle in one, and is the closet thing ive found to an electric triangle.

i want one, for my desk!

heres the blerb thats it says on the website:

3 triangles in one!

The Rhythm Tech RT6000 Trigger Triangle can be played on a table top, hand-held, or mounted using the RT7960 mount. This amazing instrument gives players more speed and precision. Rhythm Tech includes a high-carbon steel 5" triangle and striker.

Rhythm Tech RT6000 Trigger Triangle Features:

  • Table top, hand-held, or mounted play
  • More speed and precision
  • High-carbon steel
  • Striker included

thursdays lunch

todays lunch was lasagne1

basicaly yesterday paul was going on about this place on poland st, that does the best lasagne in the world...ever........ (or more acurrately in soho)

so we went ot his place otday, although i didnt cat the name of it

what: lasagne

cost: 5.90

quality: really good, very tasty , although i think my appetite has shrunk because im so full now... all this healthy living has made it harder to eat heartier meals. anyway it would have been great had the waitress not been so bloody surly!

wel i only tipped her 60p! so neeeeeeeeer!

who surly now ? eh? (yeah probably still her)

yo, street lingo, yo

so this lunchtime i thought i woudl buy myself some pants........yes pants, at some point we all need to buy some. anyway i went to uniglo (who make very good pants by the way), picked up my underwear, and took it to the till, which i might point out was unmanned.

anyway, after several minutes of looking slightly irritated in a british kind of way, some kid came over. now, i dont think i know anywhere that used credit cards by swiping them any more, pretty much everywhere is chip and pin. so when i come to pay and slot my card into the reader...he goes

'180 dat card'

....i said "sorry?"

'180 dat card' theres me thinking, i beg your pardon young sir, what do you mean

'flip the card'

oh right, flip it over you mean, and re-insert the card the correct way up (although this would in face be the first chip and pin machine ive used to read the card upside down...but never mind that, thats not the point).

i mean how was i expect to know '180 dat card' ment turn it over....clearly uniglo clerks are a little too street for me, i should just stick to marks and spencers!



like minded fellow


so i picked up a copy of 'shortlist' today, its a free mens mag in the same vein as nuts and zoo, but with much less boobs, given out on a thursday in london. (and other places im sure, but theres where i get mine)

i tend to keep my eye out for these every thursday as they are generally quite a good read, the column im particularly fond of though is by a writer/producer called 'danny wallace' who wrote the book 'yes man'. i read this book last year, and really enjoyed it, more than anythiung though this guy seems to be of a like mind as myself on a variety of topics and in face in the way he writes, so its always an entertaining read for me!

anyway, you can find more about shortlist here

oh also of note is that todays article is about sandwiches, something which i am yet to rant about on here, but which i feel very strongly about!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

wednesday lunch with the big man!

so todays lunch was with mr paul! we went to vital ingredients and then back to the work cafe, which is based in another building, which is much nicer than our own and has better seating for lunch!

anyway vital ingredients is a salad place, its basically the argos of the salad world, although with much better quality!

i had a cobb salad

cost: 5.25

quality: very good, although i think i had way too much blue cheese dressing, must remember to cut back on that.

thin or thick pancakes

so yesterday was shrove tuesday, and as is tradition, we used up all our leftover items from the cupboard before fasting for lent.............

....ok so thats not entirely true, we went out out and bought extra maple syrup, blueberries, bananas, toffee sauce, nuts, cream, milk, toffee sauce, creme freshe and nutella............

....but the essence of shrove tuesday was there

anyway this is besides the point, what i actually wanted to talk about was the choice of think or thick pancakes, like very briton, i was brought up on think, flappy lemon and sugar pancakes, and theres nothing wrong with this....until you vist america and realise that you can make pancakes a whole lot thicker....smaller too.............but much thicker and therefore more robust... they seem more filling and are easier to flip, but are they tastier???

well i dunno, my girlfriend claims she prefers the thin ones, i mean to me a pancake is a pancake, i think the thicker ones certainly take longer to eat, and when stacked they are a hearty meal for any man, so for me the main difference is how well they flip....and its more fun to flip the thick small pancakes than big floppy ones.....

so there you have it.

whispers on the tube

ive noticed today how everyone talks very quietly to each other on the tube, i dont mean to your mate, who you'll probably talk quite loudly to in fact, i mean when you bump into somene and go...


but in the quietest raspiest voice you ca manage....


"excuse me"

no idea why, i think people strain to be curtious, or dont want to get noticed....either way, just something i noticed today.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

actors are using their fame to further their own careers!.....SHOCK !

ok so yesterday i saw one of those evening standard ads outside the newsagents that read:

actors fight demolition of local theatres

or something to that accord..........and it bugged me....i mean ive got nothing against the maintainance or theatre, or keeping old landmarks, in fact im quite in favour of it, but it bugs me actors stand up for this, but bugger all else...i mean its not like you get headlines that say

best plumbers fight to save local swimming baths

no it has to be a bloody celebrity! but what gets me is that this particular thing, 'celebs fight ban of local theatre' is so clealry routed in their own buisness...its where they work, so clealry they are going to fight to keep it open, its good buisness! i mean if you were a baker and they were going to close your backery to put in a a bypass, you would fight it, but it wouldn't be because your not a celebrity baker....

look at kevin spacey and his sucess in keeping the old vic open.......because hes kevin fucking spacey...and now he virtually runs the place. you know if you go to their cafe in the basement of the old vic, its filled with black and white photos of kevin spacey, its like a shrine!

anyway, the point to this rant, is that celebritys dont deserve to be newsworthy simply because they are doing something to furhter their own careers, woohoo keep a theatre open, well done, get a fucking medal and shut up, or go and do something useful!

thats what i think anyway.


burrito again

now i know i said i woudlnt do burritos again, but my new team at work made me do it! they said i had to buy em all burritoes!!! as an initiation....... which i didnt do...but i did lead them to the alternative burrito place....EL BURRITO!

where: el burrito

what: a beef burrito withouth guac

cost: 4.50 (note: cheaper than mexicalli!)

quality: very god, in fact i think its better than mexically in terms of the quality of ingredients, the overall taste is still up for debate!

tuesday madness and....mondays lunch

sorry about not posting yesterday , got caught up moving desks at work...which ended up moving nowhere, since they had nothing in place for me to move im now the office nomad....i feel kinda sleeazy searching out ill peoples desk to work from.... its wrong and i know it!


also in another typical cock up from HR, my account has been deleted, so i dont have access to booking time off, or an extension number (which is kinda redundant when i dont have a desk either!).

sooo yesterdays lunch.....

an early cheese, salami..salad.....very good

where: bijans

cost: 2.20....

quality: very good, but due to not having a desk i went out for lunch early abotu when lunch hit at 1.... i wastn hungry, so i had a tropical smoothee to tide me over...which actually worked out quite well...butler had curry....which was an odd thing to serve at a smoothee bar, but there you go, it did smell good

in other news, today is shrove tuesday...or as its also know...pancakce day! traditionally a day to eat up all your leftover items before you fast for lent....nowadays, its a day to buy loads of items you'll never use all year round, like syrup, and a bag of flour, which lets be honest stays at the back of the cupboard until you fancy yourself a baker....

anyway...there we go, oh and thanks to everyone who's visited my mini city! population now....6!


Saturday, 2 February 2008

come visit my mini city!

with every visitor it grows!

pay us a visit, we're not shy, come and say hello, leave, and then come again!

Friday, 1 February 2008

Tim Curry is the devil

so apparently tim curry is the devil in legend...........i always thought it was anthony steward head from buffy...........oh well...i guess tim curry makes more sence, he is more famous. now i owe mark a pint!


friday, end of week lunch

well today was burrito again....markc choice since today is officially his last day at work here......... that means ive had burrito's two times this week....geeeeze that can't be good. but they are so tasty...its like the dark side of the force.....seducing you!

sooo it was:

port burrito

cost: 5.70 (no drink this time)

quality: great as usual

...although im feeling very stuffed an unfit now....think im getting a bit of heartburn too... must have more green tea and less burrito....

burrito: food of the dark side