Friday, 30 May 2008

this picture sums up my thoughts on indiana jones 4

says it all really.


the most awesome kid/midget ever!

seriously........this kid rocks!

i want know...for parties

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

its all begins again!

dear lord ...big brother 9 is here!

any of these losers could be on your tv for the next 3 months:

you have been warned!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

transparent washer!

just thought this was cool a range of transparent household appliances!

not bad for 65

this is a 2 part story really, above is a pic of harrison ford, having his chest waxed to raise aweness about how deforestation continues to affect global warming. first point is..........this guy is 65??? he looks pretty good i would say, i hope i look thats good at 65, his face looks much older than his body.. well done Indy!

the second thing is.......... and let me get this straight........... hes waxing his chest in order to highlight how much deforestation contributes to global warning????


"every bit of rainforest thats gets ripped out over there really hurts us over here"

that is possibly the most tenuous link i have ever heard of..... tress get ripped out over there, harrison ford's chest hair gets ripped out over here.... i mean i see what they have done, 2 things getting ripped out, a celebrity endorsment... but seriously? this is kinda lame, surely its just an excuse for harrison ford to show hes not over the hill?

also its all in the description, if they hadnt used the word 'ripped' it wouldnt work, if you said trees get cut down over there, you couldnt make the same association, instead harrison ford would have to get a haircut to make the same connection.

heres an idea:

harrison ford get a karate chopped, just like the trees of the rainforest get chopped

herrison ford burns his toungue of spicy food, just as tree's are burned down in the rainforest.

harrison ford is pulled (in a tug of war) just as the trees of the rainforest are pulled out.

harrison ford goes on a see saw to highlight how many tree's are sawn down each year

see what i did there? i could go on for get the idea

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

this is burnished stainless steel!

so much teen angst.... dear lord

..................................................................this is brilliant.... i think he needs a valium or something

chill dude!


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

great impression!

a mate of mine showed me this over the weekend, i think its brilliant, apparently this guy is getting his own series....possibly

i present to you:

ringo star makes toast

and if you liked that, then you'll love this: paul mcCartney makes a cup of tea, john lennon makes a pot noodle and mick jagger tires to flog his old car (although the jagger impression is a little too like stella street for my liking, the beatles however are great!)

Paul McCartney makes a cup of tea

John Lennon makes a pot noodle

Mick Jagger tries to sell his car

Monday, 19 May 2008

i give up!

A fine start to the week..........some amy winehouse news!

....i think she finally gone off the deepend! shes released this clip.... herself... on to youtube, its her and pete docherty ....they have found some baby mice.

.......thats it...........theres nothing more, they are just showing them to camera, complete pissed off their heads....its quite something to see.

also look at how dirty their hands are....its really wierd, although i think they were staying in the country at the time, but even so, other people can stay in the country and keep their hands clean....

..disturbing stuff:

Thursday, 15 May 2008

more dragoball z movie pics!

so here is the second batch of photos to be released from the upcoming dragonball movie

another pic of goku, and this time bulma too, which is cool

goku is being played by Justin Chatwin, and bulma by emmy rossum (she was in the day after tomorrow), cant really make out too much from these pics but i will give them soem credit for attempting to get the hair right from a cartoon that has possibly the most ludicrous hairstyles ive ever seen ..... ever, i mean you cant honestly expect them to match the cartoon exactly can you?

look at it!

its ridiculous!

i think they have done a pretty good job of interpretting it in a real way, thats all im saying

real sumo fighting!

this is brilliant, i never realised it was this entertaining.....

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

censorship at its best



this is what i do...........i sit on you..................right on your lap

see? i told you



so im sure you can figure out what this is, its a treadmill powered bike!

of all the stupid idea in the world, this one has to take the lead.... i mean honestly.

its been designed so you can get teh experience of the great outdoors, while running on the treadmill, listen heres an idea.............why dont you just run without the treadmill and experience the great outdoors that know the normal way?

even worse it costs £1,270 quid!!! or £25.00 for the day to hire


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

both madonna and kelly rowland can suck my ****

so... i am yet agian gonna rant about madonna, what can i say, she gets on my tits! but this time, im also including kelly rowland for sticking her nose in and gnerally stating an opinion that no one cares about, its not like she's beyonce or anything!

a few days ago madonna appeared at a radio one event and apparenlty swore at the crowd while dancing rather lewdly...i dont care about the dancing or teh swearing ti doesn suprise me, i dont like her and i really dont condone her behavour, madonna swearing is nothing new. a few of the other bands at the event were pissed at her because of her diva like demands, taking up alsmost all the backstage area, having special water brought in (jewish water apparently), being flown in by private helicopter (which for someone constantly preeching about saving the planet is somewhat hypocritcal!) etc etc ... apparently guy richie couldnt even get near her trailer due to her 70 plus enterage and security!

now.... this is all normal madonna bullshit to me, where i get pissed off, is when kelly rowland (you know one of the other girls that is beyonce from destiny's child) steps in and says:

" Madonna can have anything she wants, if she only wants red skittles, then get her red skittles, she's freaking madonna! and if she wants a huge trailer, get her a huge trailer."

im sorry but who are you again?

firstly, no madonna can not have anything she wants, the amount of disruption she causes benefits no one, shes a pain in the arse, and we should all be made aware of that, just because she released a few hits in the 80's and some severaly mediocre pop in the 90's doesnt giver her the right to over run a show with a 70 plus enterage, and a private helicopter!

'she's freakin madonna' what that suppose to mean? she is totally overated, and should have retired years ago, she doesnt look good, and just makes a spectacle of herself, and lets not forget she chose the stage name 'madonna' .......... i mean how egotistical is that?

i say get the huge trailer, and then drop it on her

....then drop one on kelly rowland too!

p.s. the pic is from 'freddy vs jason' thankfully , which starred kelly rowland amoungst others......kelly rowland doesnt make it.

Monday, 12 May 2008

first pics of goku!

here are the first pics of Justin Chatwin as Goku in the new live action dragonball z movie (coming out in 2009)

wasnt what i was expecting...then again, im not sure what i was expecting...

why are they japanese so wierd

.... why would anyone do this? its just bizarre.... in a strangely entertaining way

check it out:

lucy and bart.... art

this is an image from the blog of lucy McRAe and Bart Hess "described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body".

check out the blog, its kinda gross, but really interesting stuff... makes me wanna go make things!


Friday, 9 May 2008

summer rivalry!

the summer blockbusters are here, and so is you tube!

based on the 'im a mac, im a pc' ad series, i present to you :

'im a marvel, im a dc'


silent star wars

well we seem to be on a role with the star wars posts.... here is another gem from you tube! star wars as a silent film!

most amusing


Thursday, 8 May 2008

best lightsaber battle EVER

i can honestly say i think this is possibly the best lightsaber battle ever, its got emotion, its got some really nice unseen ideas, fighting in the tree's in the rain (really nice!) the two red sabder, a great ending, so much better than the some of the fights int he recent movies, really origional i think

must remember to watch the rest of this series now!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

best shopping....ever

check it out!


this can't be real, there is a similar video with skateboarders plaing basketball, and guys with ping pong balls and cups, but damn, this is well done! very entertaining stuff!

whats that R2D2?

ever wondered what r2d2 is really saying? well wonder no more!!!

check out this link:


and you can translate anything at all in R2D2 droid language

lame? yes?
geeky? yes?

fun....... YES!

go ahead, try something , make him swear, you know you want to!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008