Thursday, 31 January 2008

thursday farewell to mark lunch

today we went out for steak, to say farewell to my mate mark, whos continuing his travels around the world, on to canada next.

obviously the only choice was the angus steak house!

cost: too much! abut 15/16 quid a steak

quality: excellent! very good steaks...nicely cooked too!

so there we have it, steak is good, let that be a lesson to you!

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

wednesday lunch

todays lunch was at mortimers...on mortimer street (suprise suprise), sort of a bistro place

price: (ummmm £10) it was actually more, but my mum paid...either way it was more than i would normally pay

quality: pretty good

i had a fish soup and spinach and ricotta that healthy? i thought the soup was...i was toying with a mezze platter, but it had alot of cheese in it....

anyway, thats todays other news ive updated this blog! woohooo

i need a super fit man

i was reading this article in the metro online, about some girl called kim kardashian, shes a socialite, friends with paris hilton, naturaly is very rich , through inheritance...and has also had a 'leaked' sex tape............but what made me laugh was her answer to the question

"describe your ideal man":

I want someone who has a really good body, who is really fit – I’ve dated people who haven’t been that fit and now I’m, like, ‘What was I thinking?’


"what was i thinking, hes only...partially fit!"

" sorry your lovely, but your not fit enough for me....i mean come on"

" i love you............but get to the gym or its over"

lol, i mean how shallow can you get....

yesterdays lunch....a day late

well im a day late, due to a massive power cut at work, that while initially recoverable, got gradually worse, and ended up with everyone just slopping off home............ me, i went out and bought a laptop, had an argument with the clerk, left, came back told him he was fucking stupid and walked out with my brand new laptop...........kinda strange, but i felt better afterwards. lol

sooo lunch ....tuesday....was the legendary BURITTO!

where: mexicalli on berrick st

how much: 6.20 i think.....this included a drink, and extra spice and guacamole!

.....quality: sheer deliciousness!

i went for the pork buritto in the end, but to be honest they are all as good as each other, chicken, beef, although i have yet to sample the vegatarian...(i really dont see the point, it seems be lacking an ingredient, rather than replacing one).

todays lunch to follow!

Monday, 28 January 2008

monday lunchen

todays lunch...........

welll i was good today, one salad niscouise...niscious?, nicwouz? nisious?nousous? i cant spell it, but you know ...the one with tuna!!!

from: vital ingredients on berrick st

cost: 4.95

quality: very good

took it away ate in the work canteen, which ive never tired...and is free apple juice...and it was light ....which is more than i can say for my desk space!

soooooooooooo healthy lunch, good start to the week well done me.

now onto another subject! Joss Stone is very angry about people slagging off her anglo-american accent............well i agree, its dumb and she sounds stupid, she used to be cockney didnt she? i mean talk about sucking up, who gives a rats arse about the american music industry anyway, its a real slap in the face to your core fan base...what a stupid bint!

on top of which she said (and i quote!)

"When people go to Australia for two weeks they come back sounding Australian - but the whole world doesn't turn round and say, 'Well, f*** you."

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dont think most people who spend 2 weeks in austrailia come back sounding austrlian.........shes very wierd if she thinks this, you could spend 2 months in austrailia and still come home sounding as british as the queen, clealry shes a very impressionable girl, but this jsut proves shes thick as shit!

thank you, see you agian tomorrow

Friday, 25 January 2008

local lunchen

todays lunch was at 'mai' on mortimer st, its a vegetarian all you can eat thai buffet.

cost: 5.50

time to eat: ....15 mins

quality: pretty poor.

additional lunchers: mr butler.

(i should add, i will be doing this daily to gauge my eating habits, and try and make them healthier and more cost efficient...and then map them, plot a graph and make a film around that graph called 'an inconvienient lunch')