Wednesday, 30 April 2008

20 things to do with matza!

suprisingly very catchy! this chichs got a good voice!

groovy dancer

wierd, but entertainting.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008

trailer for hancock!

....this looks really good! very impressed, i really want to see this, i heard will smith was doing a superhero movie, but i didnt realise what it was gonna be like.... very cool.

Friday, 25 April 2008

win orphans!

you lucky people you!

another fine example set by amy winehouse

evidently boozing around camden, getting drunk and generally making an arse of youself isnt enough... she's now been kicked out of a pub because she was caught taking drugs....

and this is your role model? come on kids, you can do better!

she was thrown out of a bar called 'made in barzil' somewhere near 'the good mixer' (quality indie pub) in camden, around 9pm.

just look at her! she a bloody mess! shes like britains version of britney spears, just a train wreck!


jesus christ! angelina is veiny

what on earth has happened to angelina jolie's arm? i mean look at it! its so veiny.... jesus!

awesome new dark knight poster!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Number 2 'ultimate hero'

way to set an example amy....


resisting headbanging

this morning i discovered just how hard it is to resist headbanging.

walking to work this morning i was listening to 'rage against the machine' by... rage against the machine, now i know i previously knocked then in an earlier post, but i have to admit this album was a hell of alot better than 'the battle of LA'. much more rocky, really good riffs, very good to headbang to.... so when i was walking down the street humming to myself


.....i really had to resist the urge to headbang as a i walked.... i caught myself doign it twice as well... that and the urge to sing much louder, which ive noticed is a trend in rage gradually build up the singing till your screaming works!

hey missed a spot

the Sheraton hotel in Shanghai has decided its guest deserve better than a normal looking window cleaner.....they deserve.....SPIDERMAN!


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

natalie portamn gets pee'd on by a dog ... that is all

wooden dell...looks quite cool

so this is the brand new dell, to be released later this year. its a 'bamboo-encased eco-PC concept' apparently its 81 percent smaller than your standard pc (although what i standard these days, because ive seen some whopping great big things and some tiddlers!), and uses 70 percent less power...and of course its cased it its must be eco friendly!

actually design wise i do think it looks pretty cool, you could stack them too, and it would still look cool. they havent released any information on its specs yet, but im already tempted to get one just by the design of it...and its pretty cheap too , apparently retailing at $500 - $700 (i dont have the price in pounds yet).

winehouse is a hero???

Amy Winehouse has been voted the 'ulitmate hero' by uk youngerster in an new poll .....apparently...

according to the metro, a new poll take from under 25's by as part of its 'heroes' season (although im guessing thats just to promote the heroes show, rather than anything else) has voted winehouse the second highest female 'ultimate hero', with princess diana coming first (i have problems with that as well, but thats another argument).

anyway............winehouse? really? we're taking about a self confressed and currently still using drug addict! a woman who cancels gigs at a moments notice, who is visably scared form drug abuse, and whos husband is currently serving time for GBH!.... shes not a hero! she the opposite of a hero....i would have put here somewhere near the top of the counties villians!

how can anyone look up to her? i mean sure she can sing, but that doesnt make her a hero! she a repeataded drug abusered for gods sake! shes setting a terrible example!

why are people so stupid?

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

i'm still behind you

not one to let bush be the only one in his sights, arnold now eyes up blair, and the prime minister's position


how to make a fake hand!

ever wondered how to make a fake hand? no? well i certainly have, so here you go:

theres tons of this stuff over at

darth vaders love interest

wedding rings for geeks

oh dear of dear...... you see people this is whats wrong with the geek community in general... they go too far!

im a geek, im a proud geek!... but this...this is just stupid, i condemn anyone who buys these, it really is totally lame. and it just makes the impression people have of geeky guys and gals all the worse! why oh why would you want something like this!

i hate to say it but.............get a life!

two of my least favourite people get along!

soooo..... madonna and tom cruise are buddies!

...well not quite, but almost... madonna has defended Tom for any reason in particular, just because people think he's wacky, and she likes to announce things, she says he is 'a 'marginalised' person, just like those in Malawai.'

i feel sorry for the people of malawi is thats the comparrison she making.

apparenlty the cruises attended a charity gig madonna was running 'raising malawi' where she said:

'I don't care if people worship turtles or frogs – if they're good people, that's all I care about, and he is a good person.'

ok what are you basing this on? do you even know the guy? i mean were talking about a man who wanted his wife to have a silent birth??? that is not an example of a good person, hes controlling and wierd...and last i read she was thinking of leaving him (katie holmes) but hes so controlling of her and their daughter that he insists on following them whenever they leave (this is what i read so i must admit i cant place any fact here, although im happy to believe it).

madonna makes wild and outlandist statements based on nothing!

im telling you, these people should be shut in a cage and made to fight to the death! THUNDERDOME!

Monday, 21 April 2008

realistic jessica rabbit

...sort of, but very cool painting none the less

click to enlarge the image!

more HERE

women as explained by engineers!

stop buying madonna's albums

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, im begging you, she's not very good!

why oh why would you buy her albums!

she not very attractive, she cant sing...her voice is all nasilly and robotic...and she's currently prancing about in a purple leotard adopting kids from thirs world countries with no regard for their real famillies! stop putting money in her pocket, im beggin you!

ganster rap isnt all that bad....

i read this morning that 50 cent has branded alicia key's music as 'shit'. this is because alicia keys recent said that gangsta rap was

'a ploy to convince black people to kill each other'.

50 was very upset.

he said:

'I'm prejudiced. If she don't like that, I don't like that classical music s*** she be doing'.

yeah man.....WORD!

look im sorry, your entitled to like gangster rap and all, its not my taste, but i dont think he can really defend it by saying he is prejudiced? is that even an arguement? also its called 'ganster rap'...i mean get a clue?

also i love the fact his come back actually mean nothing....

'if she dont like that........ (then he says nothing)..., I don't like that classical music s*** she be doing"

wait.... if she doesnt like it, then you dont like her music? ..............nice...nice come back... i mean honestly did he even thin abotu what he said there?

also equally i dont think you can define alicia keys as 'classical music' i mean its just not.

Friday, 18 April 2008

Thursday, 17 April 2008

the coolest and also most scarely tattoo ever!

this is cool, but it also scares the crap out of me.... i feel sorry for the poor girl this guy pulls.

broke trek

ever wonder what would happen if you mixed brokeback mountian with star trek? no? ..... no me neither, but evidently someone has




brilliant stuff!

and....some disturbing stuff....

that girl needs some housetraining

check it out

bitch slapped by ron weasily!


rupert glint doesnt seem to have a high opinion of linsey an recent interview he say he met her last summer and wasnt impressed, calling her an 'airhead'

he also said

"She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, ‘But you can't act'."


oppps, caught on camera beckham

oppsy..... seems beckham got caught on camera checking out a tasty cheerleader!

sigh.....silly boy!


WALL-E featurette

i cant explain how much more i want to see this movie, than anything pixar has put out since toy story, its just seems so much more appealing. the trailer makes me laugh, and i looks lovely! really keen to see it!

watch and enjoy:



i was right about norton!

i knew it! i was right about edward norton, he is a control freak!

i just read on that marvel and norton have been disuting the end of the film. i think they have given norton too much control! hes an actor! he has no place writing and producing the film....bloody little egotistical maniac!

this is what they posted (although apparenlty this is from entertainment weekly):

According to Leterrier, he and his star hit it off beautifully, and there were no issues with Marvel while the movie was being shot. During post-production, though, the relationship with Marvel hit a snag. The company wanted to release the most commercial film possible: lots of action and a running time under two hours. Norton and Leterrier, however, lobbied for a more meditative cut of the film that ran about two hours and 15 minutes.

pff! damn him! norton has issues a statement claiming this has been blown out of proportion, but i recon hes very hard to work with, i heard somewhere he was an ass! and im inclined to agree, i think he's gonna ruin the hulk movie! why didnt they just leave it alone?

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

secret magic the gathering cards

these are awesome! i must find more!

star wars come to the streets!

very cool stuff, star wars characters in an urban setting

check then out HERE


one sketch for me

hey hey so i asked Andrew Charipar over on comic geek speak forums to draw me aeryn and crighton from farscape. hes been taking commissions prior to attending the new york comicon this week and agreed to send some to the UK,and here it is!

cool huh?

but now i want more! i want MORE DAMN IT! anyone know of any artists taking comissions right now?

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

iron man sneak peak!

a cool clip from iron man!

yeah....he can fly.....

edward norton is an ego maniac!

look at this! just look at it!

this movie should not be called the incredible hulk, it should be called 'edward norton has a sulk' i mean thats what the poster says to me. how can you have the main character in the movie, and for him not to be at the forfront of the advertising? bah! just because norton wrote the damn thing, i really hate him, its just one big ego trip for him. have you see the trailer? hes not even playing bruce banner , he's just playing the same egotistical arrogant character norton always plays, it has nothing to do with bruce banner at all! bah!

damn you speilberg!

so ive just read, that stephen speilberg and dreamworks have aquired the right to do a 3d and live action (i think either or) version of the anime 'ghost in the shell'

now why? why speilberg? its a perfectly good film as it is, why do you want to mess with it? just leave it alone! also i dont think dreamworks will do it justice if they attempt it in 3d, the 3d in the second film is bloody brilliant, why do you see the need to re-do the first one, you stupid american!

also the origional is quite adult, id be amazed if they kept that content if dreamworks is gonna be making it.

bah! angry now.

sell crazy some place else!


a friend of mine sent me this when i showed her the origional one, bloody brilliant!

will ferrell is genius!

watch this!

i have no pics, because its a flash video, but its friggin hilarious!

will ferrell as george bush (again...) this was must be pretty recent though judgin by what hes saying.

just watch it


the friends of lily allen

very close friends....very close

actually this couple have a whole range of clips that are all brilliant! im gonna save posting them till another time though....GOLD!

i'll be behind you.

watch out bush....arnold is coming.

i love this photo...

look where his hand is!!!

this is just plain wierd.... its a denim skirt cover for your mousepad... so you can insert you hand up the skirt and click away to your hearts content! man some geeks are sooooo wierd! this isnt helping the steriotypes that nerds dont have any experience with girls!

..... why do i want one then? lol i just think it would be funny, imagine your boss walking over and your clicking away happily getting on with work, with your hand up your mouse skirt.... just bizarre!

more here

Monday, 14 April 2008

real life akira bike!


star wars.........ww2!

this is very cool, stars wars figures styled as if they were from ww2 period!

check out, han, chewie, luke, vader, bobba fett and a whole range of stormtroopers!

natalie portman is rubbish!

and in an equally bad bit of casting, natalie 'i cant do an english accent to save my life' portman has been cast as catherine earnshaw in a new version of wuthering heights!

oh come on! why?

why do people consistently cast this woman as english? she cannot, i repeat cannot do an english accent! v for vendentta anyone? the other bolyn girl? shes bloody aweful! also i dont rate her as an actress really, she just pouts a bit and giggles, and thats about it. i mean shes good in leon, but bloody aweful in star wars, and she's kinda bla in garden state. she a very mediocre-bad actress. this is a big role, a very famous story, and she is totaly the wrong actress for it!

im guessing its just another excuse to get her in a corset!

rose mcgowan is barbarella!

so read this today, rose mcgowen is set to star in robert Rodriguez's remake of barbarella.

im not normally a fan of remakes, but i have to admit there are times when you put actors and direcotrs together in a 'what if' situation that really works. i think a good example of this is johnny depp and tim burtons remake of charlie and the chocolate factory. its so very wierd and dark, but it works so well. on the other hand, burtons remake of planet of the apes was poop. but there we go

i think this falls in the first catagory, i think mcgowan is a very sexy lady, and id love to see rodriguez's take on barbarella, so i think this could work!

Friday, 11 April 2008

more street fighter casting!

well more people have been cast in the new street fighter movie, unfortuantely i know none of the characters they are playing, its all minor characters.

where is ryu and guile? eh? where is ken and ehonda? i am pissed!

ok so, so far we have:

krysten kruek - chung li

neil mcdonough - m. bison

chris klein - nash (ive just discoered nash is in fact the name of the charlie character in japan), makes a little more sence now.

michael clarke duncan - balrog

taboo (back eyed peas) - vega (apparently)

rick yune - gen

we now also have:

josie ho - cantana (never heard of her)

moon bloodgood - maya (never heard of her)

pei pei cheng - zhilan (who?)

edmund chen - huang (no idea)

im not gonna bother posting pics of these guys, as well........they are such minor characters in the street fighter universe. unless someone can convince me otherwise!