Monday, 31 March 2008

new INDY trailer!

right here!

pretty much the same stuff we've already seen but with a few more shots, still im getting very keen to see this movie!... (who isnt?)

but doesnt this poster fit into that trend i noticed earlier? personally i prefer the hand illustrated indy poster they have done (like the origionals)

we're all doomed!

found this on youtube, dear lord it scares the crap out of me! spiders arent something im particularly fond of, but this thing.... dear lord, its like terminator and spider combined.

have you ever seen the replicators on stargate (tv series)? this is it man! we're doomed!

Friday, 28 March 2008

fun with money

very cool stuff!

check it out HERE


so madonna has said she wont vote for 'red ken' fair enough, im not either.

apparently she on record critisising the tube, traffic and the congestion charge. well i have some thoughts on that, apprenty she cycles around the city, we know she gets driven around the city, but the tube? does madonnna even use the tube? i wouldnt ahve thought so, it would be a security risk surely? even more than that, would she bring herself to ride the tube? i get the impression she thinks shes better than most people.... so i dont think she can complain about the tube really, at least ken uses it himself! (we know because there are pictures in the metro, lol)

i quote:

"Madonna has criticised various aspects of UK life since moving to Britain, including lazy builders, officious parking wardens, fuel prices, old-fashioned hospitals and the weather".

well then fuck off! no really i mean it, why move here if you are going to complain? eh, its not like she suffering much, i mean she can afford private healthcare, why is she complaining about hospital! officious parking wardens? didn't madonna's chaufeur park on a double yellow recently while she attended a bloody yoga class? i mean come on!!! and she has the audacity to complain about the tube!!!

and the weather? well move then you moany bitch!!! i mean its not like we as a nation control the waether, fuck off to spain or somewhere , where we wont have to put up with your pre-madonna ways madonna!


"I would make it so that young musicians, aspiring musicians wouldn't have to pay the congestion charge or pay taxes.

"They would be exempt from those kind of things so they would have more money to do other things.

does she realise how ludicrous that is? everyone would claim to be an 'artist' shes totally undervaluing it! whats more, its just plain stupid, why should musicians be exempt from taxes??? where do you draw the line, will painters be included? permorming arts? yeah? so actors too then, well in which case you might as well including stand up comics too, tv stars, celebs anyone whos been behind a camera. bascailly everyone but your accountant!

dear lord woman, come out with something credible and not this stupidity!

too much pussy!

so the pussycat dolls have been fined apparently, for showing too much flesh and generally being too damn sexy!

of course they were only fined £1,600 which im sure is nothing to them.

apparently it was from a show in malaysia in july, where the law states a female performer must be covered from her shoulders to her knees.

well fair enough, its their law, their beliefs, although i wonder how much good its going to do charging a minimal sum to an international pop act almost a year later. a pop act that pretty much sells itself on how sexy it is. if anything this will only help their image. i mean come on, they are ment to be a burlesque group!

wake up malaysia!

x files 2 poster released

this is the new poster for the 'x-files 2' movie. looks kinda cool i recon. there seems to be a trend now for doing movie posters with just symbols, or something very very simple. sometimes i like them. the first xmen movie was cool, with wolverine claws for example, but they then went and did that for every xmen movie and it lost its cool.

i dig this one. at least its got the characters on it.

here are some other examples:

classic tex avery

red hot riding hood!

spitting image for 2008

these are the first new images of 'headcases' a new celebrity pisstake from the guys who brough us spitting image.

i think they are brilliant! and now in CGI which is great.

its also going to feature rory bremners voice talents again, which is great, hes a very good impressionist! will have to look out for this one!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

quiet....but not so quiet

rather quite day for posts im afraid, but i did find these rather cool pics form the new iron man movie showing his enemy 'ironmonger' huh?

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

zombie inconsistency

ok so this is the new trailer for the remake of 'day of the dead'

now....if you recall, a few years ago they remade 'dawn of the dead' so its unsuprising to see day of the dead remake following it, it is however suprising in light of the fact it has nothing to do with the previous remake. whats even worse is that is has some of the same actors playing new roles.

ving rhames, star of the previous dawn of the dead remake, had another role in this film, so its completely inconsitent! also judging byt he trailer its a new look for the zombies.... again.

im a firm believer in slow, stupid zombies, all this running shit, is just wrong!.... look at resident evil one, that did slow zombies and they were great!, look at 28 weeks later...running zombies, not so good.

the thing thats terrifying about zombies is that they just dont stop, slow and methodical they keep coming, it doesnt seem threatening, but it really it. things that run at you clearly have goals in mind, they are less scarely because they are more predicatble. i dont like running zombies, you might as well just make them velociraptors, because at the end of the day theres very little difference.

george a romero made good classic zombie films, all these news ones are a slap in the face. also judgin by the trailer for this 'remake; it doesnt even seem to have the same premise as the origional day of the dead! good things its going straight to DVD.

also i just cant believe meni suvari as a military officer.....look at her! i mean LOOK AT HER! she couldnt give an order to save her life!


crank 2!!! wooohooo

you know when you go to the cinema and just enjoy a movie? its doesnt have to be indepth, or even particularly good, jsut engrossing and most of all entertaining!

well crank was that, it was just a stupid entertaining movie, and i liked it! well good news, crank 2 is in production!

for those of yu that dont know crak is basically a film version of grand theft auto, its backed by rockstar games, and is basically about a guy who has to go round town, steal carrs, kick and punch people and continually increases his adrenaline to keep himself alive (by drugs, violence, sex and rockn roll) its ludicrous but very fun to watch!

here is the spoiler riden story outline:

In spite of having fallen a mile from a helicopter at the end of CRANK, Chev Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker that requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working.

it features jason stratham again, and amy smart again (who is hot!)

im so there!

lethal boobjob

so i read today that, this girl in america (where else) has died from having a boob job. the specifics are that she had an extreme reaction to the anaesthetic. Her kidneys closed down and she was put on life support but died the following day.

its very sad, and i dont want to make light of it, its not fair to die at such a young age of something people assume wouldnt kill you. what gets me here is that she was a cheerleader, so shes still in school, must have been about 18 or so, and she's getting a boobjob? why? it just seems so pointless to me, and when you look at the photo of her, its not like she needs it. It just seems like such a waste to me. i blame the celebrities who make huge deals out of getting new boobs, chantelle and jade goody and jordan, and whats more none of them look better for it!

just a shame.


this is brilliant, someone has put together a flash game where you play as heather mills and you get points for chucking water over either paul mcCartney or his lawyer, Fiona Shackleton.

the more points your get the larger your fortune grows, but if you splash the judge it decreases!


Tuesday, 25 March 2008

amazing beatboxing! ......really fucking good, i love his cover of 'push it'

daily video post!

guaranteed to make you smile! a happy warm, heartfelt smile full of goodness and sunshine!

one of the many clips from the 2007 youtube awards!

check it out here

should skateboarders have moustaches?

so out for lunch, im walking through soho, when all of a sudden im overtaken by this big guy on a skateboard, which is odd for two reasons:

1) skateboarding through soho has got to be one of the dumbest ideas ive ever seen, not only is the pavement uneven, but the area is always hugely packed! he got about 10 metres before he had to get off his board and walk, i wonder why bother at all.

2) he had a moustache.... and i thought to myself, i have never seen a skateboarder with a moustache before.... it looked.....odd. two very different style statements that did not go with each other!

to top it off, he was wearing a cap and a checkered shirt, i really think he would have been more at home chopping wood in the great forests of canada, but no, there he was skateboarding through soho.


Thursday, 20 March 2008

portugal says NO to nickelback

MAN, this is funny, and i like nickleback too.... but geeeze.... getting booed off after yoru second song....hahahhahahahaha

are there any nickleback fans in portugal???


VIDEO: guitar hero on DS

and here is the video of the nintendo DS guitar hero!

more street fighter casting news

so if you've been reading this blog, you'll know im a fan of street fighter, and thankfully they are making a new movie to rectify the disasterous attempt made by jean claude van dam in the 90's!

a while ago i posted on some of early castings including michael clarke duncan as balrog and kristen kreuk (smallville) as chung li, well today the lead villiant has been cast, and its neal mcDonough from minority report and walking tall. Hes in a few other things like ravenous, but i havent seen those, of the films i have seen him in, hes an arse! a complete dick, i hated him immediately.... so i think this is a good casting, also judging by his fight sequences with the rock in 'walking tall' i think this guy definately has the build to pull of Bison. so all in pretty pleased with this

good villian casting!

southpark britney!!!

this was too good, just to pass up, i dont really have too much to say on it, except man am i looking forward to this ep of southpark. generally southpark can go too far, but when they lay into celebrities and do parodies i think they are unbeatable! david blane was genius, and so was their version of barbra steisland, and paris hilton!

britney is next it seems...

the nintendo DS rocks!

finally, after months and months of clearly not being able to play guitar hero on the DS, you will be able to!.. at last!

well, i think this is kinda cool, you plug in the adapter to the the game slot of the DS, and use a pick to stum the cords across one of the screens. (i think you can figure it out from the picture above, but if not, heres a handy video: VIDEO )

now, i think this looks good, and credit for them for designing it, but...... was it really needed? isnt the idea of guitar hero that you actually get to hold something that looks like a guitar? surely this defeates the purpose because your really back to basic controller gaming. i mean i understand that the ds has a rather unique interface anyway, but this is still 2 handed button pushing. look how close you have to get the screen to play its not like you can really rock out.... although that being said, i would like a go!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

some details on the madness of heather mills

so the details on the McCartney/Mills divorce came out today...fascinating stuff!

for a start they judge claims, his evidence was consistent, and why not, theres nothing he has to hide. her evidence however:

"I am driven to the conclusion that much of her evidence, both written and oral, was not just inconsistent and inaccurate but also less than candid".

he goes on to say that, there is no evidence the show that she was wealthy and independant when she met sir paul (which she claims) and also points out the property she owned before she married him...she infact bought after she married him (whooooops!)

she also claims to have 2-3 million in the bank when she met paul..... nope..sorry luv no proof of that either.

she claims to have given 80-90 percent of her earnings to charity...which there is also no evidence of... her excuse is that 'her accountant hadn't ticked the right tax box' mmmmmmmmmmm convienient there honey...i dont think so. i find this one quite shocking actually, to claim you have given that money to charity and have no evidence of it.. if thats true that really is a horribly horrible thing to do....i mean ....its almost unfathomable... really shocking!

of his 400 million fortune (according to judges findings) she was apparently after 125 million! well im glad then that she only got 25, but serisouly, how on earth did she think she was worth 125 million??? for 4 years of marrage! she crazy! apparenty at one point she was offered 15 mil, and she turned it down. Now what i dont get here is that she consistently blames media intrusion, in fact that was the reason they sighted for their divorce, and yet she drags this out for as long as humanly possible, gettting more and more attension, and claiming more and more ludicrous things along the way, is shes so concerned with media intrusion, then she should have just taken the 15 mil quietly, she wouldnt have had to release that info, it was an arrangment that was offered out of court, and now she wingeing about the details of the final settlement being made public, well booo-fucking-hoo! she a selfish nutjob and should be locked away for some of the things she come out with.

god she winds me up!


it just came to us!

So halle berry has given birth to a baby daughter.... good for her!

she name it 'Nahla Ariela Aubry'

which means 'drink of water' awwwwwwwwwww

.....well in fact

'nahla' is the arahic word for 'drink of water'
'ariel' comes from hebrew and means 'lion for god'... and is also the name of a little mermaid.

so shes 'drinkof water lion for god aubry daughter of halle berry'

roles of the tounge i think

what gets me about this is, that halle told acess hollywood 'we didnt have a name picked out until just after we left the hospital' . really? so it just came to you?

halle: "i just cant decide what to call her, she so small and lovely and...... no WAIT!... lets call her drink of water!.... in fact lets use the arabic word for drink of water!!! i remember it because when i went to iraq on a peaec mission, its what they kept asking me for!........

... and im not jewish but well.... lion for god sounds good to me, so lets call her Nahla Ariela! she wont resent me later in life with a name like that.

for gods sake... i mean why use arabic and jewish names? she not of either decent... she jumping on the trenfy child bandwagon, its as bad as a minature dog i swear! STOP USING YOUR CHILDREN FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES YOU VAPID POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING!

mary poppin out!

Well the latest celebrity to claim something ludicrous (dont they always) is the ever boobalicious (yes it is a word) mariah carey. ms Carey has stated that she thinks of herself as an innocent girl who is 'eternally 12'.





..... i dont know any twelves year olds with boobs like that!, i mean honestly, her entire career is based on flashing her cleavage and how much of it she can show without actually showing it all. sont get me wrong, she can sing, but alot of it is that warbling, that her and christina do, and i dont think shes done anything new for years, these days all she relevases is duets with unknown rappers, and i really cant understadn how shes the highest selling female artist in the US. (although judgin by some other things america comes up with, its hardly suprising).

quoting the metro:

The singer says she has never had a one-night stand and considers herself a prude. 'It's a dichotomy. I understand people think I'm a ditzy moron, but I'm Mary Poppins. I'm what the “button-up” girls are supposed to be,' she said.

"button-up" girls are suposed to be? .....really? are you sure luv? i didnt think button up was a word you really understood. while searching for a pic to go with this post, i virtually had to cover my monitor at work, every pic i found was of her exposing her chest in some way. she like a poster child for boobs.

really she should just get together with michael jackson, he can be peter pan, she can be mary poppins, and together they can have a lovely disney movie life.

apologies for not posting

well i had got into a very nice habit of posting at least once or twice a day, but yesterday alas i did not, so a quick aplogy for anyone who checked back here yesterday to find nothing. i am very sorry.... but i will make it up to you today!


Monday, 17 March 2008

more shinanigans from the wizard of scientology!

Ah, yet another leaked video of tom cruise and his scientology buddies! apparently this is footage leaked form a 2004 birthday party thown for him by the church of scientology.

what nice guys.

what i find funny is that the guy can't stand not being the centre of attension for more than 2 minutes, hes comes in, to a ruptourous appleause, then the band starts up, and hes clearly itching to get up and go 'me me me' because barely even into the 3rd song he gets up and almost grabs the mic of the singer!

hes like a small child whos gone and made a painting out of mud and wants to show mummy. 'look at me, look at me, look at what i can do'.

st patricks day im off out drinking!


Friday, 14 March 2008

girls night out!

its crewl.... but funny as hell!


money grabing b***h

so heather Mills will reportadly pocket 25 million for being married to Paul McCartney. now im not a McCartney fan, in fact i find him kind of weasily, I think he milks his fame quite alot, but no 4 year marrage is equivalent to 25 million, I mean its ridiculous. I am sure she contributed to the marriage while they were together but no way is that worth 25 million. what could she have done that was worth that much? It really is ridiculous, I mean how is this calculated.

let me break it down: she wasnt particularly famour before she married him, so her earnings would in fact have gone up as a result of the fame she recieved from being married and subsequently divorced from someone so famous

she doesnt need the allmoney as im pretty sure whatever he provides for their daughter will be sufficient, but even if it was a paltry (in comparison) 1 million would be sufficient to raise any child.

she doesnt deserve any money for emotional stress after thrusting herself into the limelight around the divorce, i dont think ive ever seen anyone whore themselves out in such a manner as that, and then claim that they didnt want the attension, its almost sickening.

any disability she is afflicted with (her leg) was not a result from her divorce to him, and therefore he should not have to pay for it.

look at the money shes made from the press coverage off the back of the divorce, not to mention her appearance on dancing with the stars, she not exactly a porper!

I think shes entitled to something for being married to him for 4 years, and since he's loaded it should probably reflect that, but its certainly not 25 million!!! giver her 1 or 2 mil and send her packing, I think its shocking the whole thing, and from what I understand she was after alot more.

I'm not going to go into all the ludicrous claims she made, I dont like her, im just syaing 25 million is alot for 4 years worth of marrage!

the free paper war!

so this morning i picked up a copy of the metro... the origional london free paper, i dont read it much anymore as its available in the mornings in tube stations, and well i no longer get the tube in the morning, for the last year or so ive been reading 'london lite' and 'the london paper' both are very simialr to each other, and even have the same colour scheme, but what suprised me this morning was how much heavier the metro was, its physically noticable, i was really suprised when i picked it up, and after leafing though it i realised how much more like a real newspaper it was, it really puts shame to the other two.

by the way the image is taken from a man who has built a house out of rolled up copies of the metro.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

tounge tied

sometimes i scare myself, freakishly...i find this girl kinda cute...even though shes doing very very wierd shit with her tounge...

ken lee!!!!

im singing this next time i do karaoke....i swear!

new sabertooth!

so this is liev Schreiber as sabertooth in the new wolverine movie. I think hes a pretty damn good casting, if anyone saw him in his run on season 8 of csi, you'll know hes a very good actor, you may also recognise him as 'cotton' from the scream trilogy, hes the guy that's supposed to have killed nev campbells mum.

anyway, i think he looks pretty cool here, looking forward to this one!

if your interested, hes ment to be playing this guy:

get a grip Osbourne!


she part of this group of people who just dont deserve celebrity status, i mean she does nothing, she makes a specticle of herself, and then cries out for attension, i mean she such a waste of space.

latest news, she has claimed, she will 'always be an addict'... i mean get a grip! dont you have any will power woman? its not like shes got alot to stress about, she rich, she famous, she gets into any restaurant/club/bar she wants, shes just not someone who should really be allowed to go 'i'll always be an addict....boohoo poor me'

in actualy fact the quote she cameout with was:

'There are different levels of addiction, whether it be drugs, spending money, overeating or painting your nails 20 times a day.'

thats not being addictive luv, its called 'SPOILT'

the article i read dubbed her 'the queen of hanging out with bands' which i find histerical, and its true, she just latches onto popular scenes, she like a leech, apparently she got drunk when presenting an award last week (i think the NME awards) because she was surrounded by 'talent' and didnt feel like a real musician, well heres news for you me dear, YOUR NOT!

shes also quoted as saying 'I know I'll always be an addict. Addiction is a gene, I've just learned to live with it.'

just get over yourself've learned to live with it eh? thats why we see you smashed off your face falling out of cabs in camden eh? .... well done there, coping with your 'addiction' .... what a brat!

britney gets animated!

ok ok, i know i keep posting youtube clips, but surely thats what the internet is for right? i mean all this stuff people keep putting online, its very easy to gain an opinion on it, and surely a visual aid helps , rather than me going 'oh i like the new britney video - go find it yourself'

so with that in mind, here is the new britney video (serisouly) anime! good move britney .... (you bizarre head shaving white trash of a singer you)

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

fly to your neigbouring village!

just read about this on the, and i think its awesome, apparently , two villages in italy, keen to boost tourism , have hooked up a mile long metal cable over the valley betwen the two villages!

apprently for between 13 and 21 pounds you can be hooked up to a harness and jump from the steel platform at one end, sailing across a 500m drop below to another platform on the otherside

ok, i mean , i think this is awesome ,it doesnt disrupt the countryside, its will attact tourism and judging by the video, it looks like a hell of a lof of fun!

i wanna do it!!!

this town is crapo

hey so i know there are towns will silly names, but this one did make me laugh


its just because its not really crap, its crapo!, it sounds like a 1980's cartoon character. i dont think i can say it as 'crapo' for me it has to be 'CRAPO!' as if you were saying 'SUPER!'

heres a map of crapo, maryland

some jobs available in crapo...or you could say 'crapo jobs'

and some crapo weather

you got to wonder who on earth thought this was a good name for a town, i mean i realise the word crap is a relatively new work in the grand scheme of language over the ages, but surely they can change the name of the town to something else?

how about


i'd live in bitchin' that would be cool.

mr joe bloggs
24 mainstreet


Monday, 10 March 2008

re-edit of classic movie trailers!

MAC AND ME - alien horror

THE SHINNING - heartwarming comedy


TOP GUN - ummmmmmmmmmmm

TAXI DRIVER - rom com


i did not see that coming....


well another piece of you tube gold....i started this one, with honest hope it was a real alternative ending....but then....suddenly GOLD! it did occur to me this was no where near the ending of the film and that an alternative ending at this point in the origional would have seriously screwed with any proper narrative, but man oh man do i wish they had done this ending.....

stick with it all the way to the end... GOLD!

Friday, 7 March 2008

how to survive work

All personnel will be expected to look happy at work. Rubber bands and paper clips will be provided at no cost.

* Workload getting to you?
* Feeling stressed?
* Too many Priority 1 assignments?

Here is the new low cost way to cope with multiple Priority 1 assignments!

Take 2 paperclips and rubber bands. Fig 1

Assemble them as shown on the picture. Fig. 2

Apply as shown in fig 3.

Enjoy your day.
This new office equipment will help you to reach the end of the day with a smile on your face!

(i so totally nicked this from dragonlady's world... cool blog, check it out)

modern warfare

this things just cool.............totally impractical, but cool none the less. i mean how on earth would this ever work? even if it did get off the ground its just asking for trouble!.... still....looks cool (and thats whats important!)

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

and the follow up....

more in the hawaii- chair

why are we not all using these?

sheer genius... i mean i feel like a fool for using a normal chair now, to think i could be combingin a work out with minimal effect on my working day.....sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


i have a confession to make, normally there is a little mid morning scramble to find something interesting to post about, or something i have a clear opinion on, yesterday however i found this website that jsut has the most amazing links, its just too much there is soooooooooooo much good stuff there that i feel bad for nicking any of it, i mean someone has goen to some serious trouble to collect all this data.

its similar in style to mine, but when theres an example of one thing, there are many other examples too.. i only post the odd link to a wacky umbrella or design or art work i dont coralate all the the examples i can find and this site does, its amazing

check out some of the futurist trains and stuff, really mind blowing stuff.

scientology is the cure for....everything

well, more and more celebrities seem to be endorsing scientology... none of them really people i respect, but still, its interesting. the lastest people to jump on the wacky bandwagon are Jeff Conway of greease and Taxi fame. apparently his drug addicted lifestyle has been turned around after his former co-star and scientologist superfan john travolta gave him some scientolgist reading material.

i mean come on, have you ever ready any scientology 'material', its more sci-fi than well being... ludicrous stuff!

in additon to which, joss 'whiney' stone has stated about Tom Cruise 'I do not understand why people are so mean about him. He's lovely.' which is really neither here nor there, but all accounts hes an arrogant little prick, im not a fan of his acting, he always plays the same sorts of characters, and as for Joss Stone, the girl that had a big album in england, created a fan base, when to american, came back sining completley different americanised music and then told her origional fanbase to basically fuck off............well she can too! she winds me up the wrong way, i mean dont get me wrong if you want to make it big in ameria fine, but dont come back over here singing how they tell you and expect everyone to still love you. ahhhhrgh!

oddly enough i have no problem with travolta, seems like a nice enough guy.

Monday, 3 March 2008

new iron man trailer!

oh my god, it looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet, cant wait to see this!


some things aren't ment to be cute and cuddly

so a while ago there was a news piece about knut, a orphaned poalr bear reader by humans in berlin zoo, i think it was a first or something, either to be raised in captivity or raised by humans. there were lots of pictures floating around of how cute the little white polar bear was, i recall getting sent a few..... but now, hes a fully grown polar bear, and apparently has developed an aggressive streak.

why does this suprise anyone? i mean come on, we're talking about one of natures most ruthless killing machines here, these things are not bread to be cute and cuddly, you can't tame nature man (sounds like im smoking something).


anyway, i dont get why anyone expected him to remain cuddly, its a friggin polar bear for gods sake!

the most spoilt girl in the world?